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Turbulence International Master Program Alumni


The ALUMNI association is a registered non-profit organization in France since 2013. The aim of this association is to establish professional network among former graduates. The association also provides a bridge between former and current students of the program.

The program has already gratuated about hundred students. Formers graduates are all well established and successfull professionals in both industry and academia. The industries which the graduates involved in covers a large spectrum covering for example aerospace, automotive, chemicals, oil & gas, renewable energy and various consulting firms. Linkedin group of the Alumni can be reached here.

"The program provides the most needed technical knowledge and tools in order to succeed in industry and academia"

Murat TUTKUN, PhD - TIMP Graduate 2004
Institute for Energy Technology - NORWAY

Situation of students graduated from
the Turbulence International Master Program

Graduate 2017
Manasa I. Phd in Paris
Swapnil K. P. Phd at CEA Grenoble, France
Graduate 2016
Tai W. Phd at Imperial College London (UK)
Pankhuri A. Semcon AB in Gothenburg (Sweden)
Vishal S. Phd at Loughborough University (UK)
Himanshu P. CFD-Engineer at CD-adapco (India)
Graduate 2015
Joseph J. PhD Researcher at MITIS (Belgium)
Khanal S. Phd Researcher at IRSTEA, Rennes (France)
Kaplan O. PhD at PPRIME Poitiers (France)
Sebastian R. PhD at PPRIME Poitiers (France)
Graduate 2014
Chandrasekaran D. Engineer in Tata consulting enterprise
Kucukosman Y. C. PhD at VKI (Belgium)
Medjnoun T. PhD at Southampton (UK)
Solak I. PhD at University of Lille (France)
Trealeven N. PhD at Rolls-Royce/Loughborough University UTC
Reichl W. Project Engineer in Aerodynamics aem-GmbH (DE)
Koti S. Senior Engineer at Mercedes-Benz R&D India
Kampanas V. PhD at Loughborough University
Graduate 2013
Gonzalez Vega E Engineer at Analytical Method Inc Seatle (USA)
Hosaka T. Engineer at Hitachi (Japan)
Ivarsson F. Engineer at Sigma Industry (Sueden)
Srinath S. PhD at Ecole Centrale Lille (France)
Pelletier Q. PhD at Trinity College Dublin (IRL)
Graduate 2012
Hamilton N. PhD at Portland State University (USA)
Shinde V. PhD at EDF (France)
Hammadou I. Engineer Altran (France)