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Frequently Asked Questions

This page is organized for the new students who are planning to join the IMP in Turbulence.

Please send an e-mail to if you think your questions have not been answered yet. Please read everything first to be sure if your queries have been answered or not.

About the program

Can you talk about the program shortly?

Had a look on the program webpages ? If it doesn t answer your question, get back to us.

How/when can I pay my registration (pre & post) fee?

You will be required to pay a pre-registration fee of 500€ before you arrive in Lille to secure your admission.

The post registration fee would be the 3,000€ minus the 500€ you would have paid towards pre-registration. You can arrange to pay this after you arrive in Lille either as a single payment or in installments. We accept french check, cash and card.

Money, finance, scholarships

Where I can apply for a fellowship?

Please refer to the admission page of the Master program

Also, contact the Campus France nearest to where you live for more precise country-specific information.

Life in Lille

Cost of living?

There is a table summarizing the approximate living costs in Lille. Based on the past few years, your total monthly expenses could vary between 550€ to 650€.


Can you explain how the visa process works?

Unfortunately, we can not really explain that even if we are from the same country. The process is quite complicated to explain and it changes from time to time. The first contact for your visa adventure should/must/would be CampusFrance. They have their offices probably in your country. It can be even in your city. They can help you in English, or French usually even in your mother tongue.

I am afraid I will not get my visa on time…

It might happen, no need to panic anyway. May the force be with you. Try to not be late starting the visa application process. Depending on where you are applying from, it might take 2 weeks to 2 months or even longer. So please do apply in advance.

In France

Can you give me information about the accommodation options?

These prices are usually updated every year but do not change by large. For more accurate information, please visit their website.

Private apartments

If you think about private apartments, among several locations the best options could be found in the center of Lille or Villeneuve d’Ascq (on the Campus side, it is a big town pay attention), or anywhere along the metro lines.

  • You can find them via agencies, there are plenty but they might charge you.
  • You can contact the landlords by yourself (might require a little bit French). Easiest way to find appertments is the web site LeBonCoin.
Student Residences in the Campus

Albert Camus

It is a CROUS residence. It is also the cheapest option available. There are laundry machines (their condition unknown).

They have different types of room:

Specifications Type1 Type2 Type3
Size 9m2 9m2 9m2 to 182
Price 160€ 198€ 240€ to 290€
Bedroom Private Private Private
Fridge No Private Private
Kitchen Shared by 32 Private Private
Bathroom Shared by 32 Shared by 32 Private
Toilet Shared by 32 Shared by 32 Private

Léonard de Vinci

It is a residence belonging to EC Lille. It has a more active social life. Inside there is Gym, place for a BBQ and foyer for the students. There are laundry machines (works efficiently) you can buy coins to use them.

They have 2 types of rooms:

Specifications Type1 Type2
Size 20m2 35m2
Price 450€ 380€
Bedroom Private Private
Fridge Private Shared by 2
Kitchen Private Shared by 2
Bathroom Private Shared by 2
Toilet Private Shared by 2

Private Residences

There are plenty of private residences around. Their prices varies around 400€ to 700€. They usually offer a studio around .

Student Residences in Poitiers

Micheal Foucault

One of the most expensive CROUS residence in Poitiers. Close to the city center. On the bus lines.


Cheapest CROUS option for Poitiers. Inside one of the campus, literally 5 min of walk to the most of the classes. It is the furthest possible point of the city. Good news !!! There is a direct bus from the door of this residence to ENSMA (duration ~30min/45min).

Marie Curie

Somewhere in the middle of the other two résidences. Has a direct bus to the main campus, door to door. Going to ENSMA requires a change in the city center. An extra reason to drink a cup of coffee.

GSM operators

There are several companies. Some of them give you free calls to landlines across the globe. They have this information on their website choose one including your country if you want. Biggest three are SFR, Bougyues and Orange. There are different deals depending how much data or talking hours limit. Cheapest one we know is 2€ Free, and unlimited of everything (SMS/MMS/data/talking) is around 20€.

I am asked to choose mutuel with an insurance company, which one I should take?

You have different insurance companies in France providing pretty much the same thing and similar rates. Please check the link.

You would have paid towards pre-registration. You can arrange to pay this after you arrive in Lille either as a single payment or in installments. We accept french Cheque, cash and card.