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The complete program covers four semesters of studies, starting in the fall. One semester of fulltime studies equals 20 credit units (European Credit Transfer System). The program comprises 94 ECTS for coursework and 26 ECTS for the final Master thesis work. The Master Programwill begin in September of Year 1 and end in June or September of Year 2 (depending of the duration of master thesis). The overall goal of the coursework is to prepare students to step into almost any industrial or research environment with sufficient knowledge (computational and experimental) to be able to be almost immediately productive.


Students are required to complete required recommended and elective coursework each semester. Required courses are Turbulence Theory, Experimental Turbulence, Turbulence Modelling. Almost all of the courses include laboratory work either computerized or experimental. Special practice is done on industrial fluid mechanics codes. Electives can be chosen from a great variety of topics such as combustion, multiphase flow, turbo machinery, acoustics, heat transfer...
For an overview of all courses, see course descriptions. Click course name in the table below to go directly to the corresponding course page.

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3
Turbulence Theory Computational Fluid Dynamics Labs Turbulence Modelling
Numerical Methods Experimental Labs Compressible Turbulence
Experimental Techniques Turbulence Practices Signal Processing Labs
Mathematics Industrial Seminars Experimental Labs
Fluid Dynamics Mathematics for turbulence Advanced Signal Processing
Programming Language French Culture French Culture
Language Courses Language Courses Language Courses
Elective (3 by semester)
Wall turbulence Aero-acoustics
Unsteady Simulations (DNS/LES) Stability & Chaos
Turbulence & Turbomachinery Optimization & Control
Lagrangian Turbulence Turbulent Hear Transfer
Two Phase Flows Turbulent Combustion & Mixing
Semester 4
Master’s Thesis